Solgen, hinarang ang apela ni Rappler CEO Maria Ressa para personal na tanggapin ang Nobel Prize sa Norway
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Hiniling ng Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) sa Court of Appeals (CA) na soplahin ang hirit ni Rappler CEO Maria Ressa na bumiyahe sa Oslo, Norway mula Disyembre 8 hanggang 13.

Nauna kasing humiling si Ressa sa CA na pagbigyang makabyahe para personal na tanggapin ang prestihiyosong Nobel Peace Prize award niya.

Giit ng OSG, hindi na kailangan para kay Ressa, na personal na dumalo sa awarding ceremony.

“Plaintiff-appellee (OSG) is aware that the Nobel Peace Prize is a prestigious award given to individuals who have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind,” ayon sa OSG.

“However, it is respectfully submitted that accused-appellant Ressa has failed to present any compelling argument and/or evidence proving the necessity and urgency of her travel to Oslo, Norway,” dagdag na pahayag ng OSG.

“Admittedly, there are alternative means by which accused-appellant Ressa may participate in the enumerated events, such as through video conferencing and other technological applications,” giit pa ng OSG.

“More importantly, in view of her being a flight risk, and her failure to satisfactorily prove the necessity and urgency of her intended travel to Oslo, Norway, there is more reason that such greater caution be exercised by the Honorable Court in this case,” dagdag na pahayag ng OSG.

Para naman sa kampo ni Ressa, ang “importance of the awarding ceremony and Ms. Ressa’s presence there cannot be understated.”

“This is not an invitation to attend via videoconferencing. It is necessary and urgent travel for Ms. Ressa herself: plainly, this is a unique and very unusual situation, and there would be very grave prejudice to her were she to miss this opportunity. Were Ms. Ressa to be refused permission to travel, it is plain that this decision would attract international opprobrium and would severely damage the Philippines’ interests internationally. This is an additional relevant factor for the Court to consider, in the exercise of its discretion,” ayon pa rin sa kampo ni Ressa.

Ang CA ang humahawak sa apela ni Ressa at Rappler researcher Reynaldo Santos, Jr. na baligtarin ang naging hatol laban sa kanila na cyberlibel na may kaugnayan sa Rappler story noong 2012.

Matatandaang, pinayagan ng CA si Ressa na bumyahe sa Estados Unidos para sa serye ng lectures at mabisita ang kanyang mga magulang doon.

(Toni Tambong)

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